What to Expect - Daily Training

Let's Prepare you for Your First Session!

If you're reading this you've booked, or are preparing to book your first daily training session with The Everyday Trainer. Everything you need to know, do, and have for our training program will be found in this blog post! We will be going over everything from equipment to preparation!

For starters, let's take a deep breath. There is no need to be nervous for your daily training, remember, we are here to help you and your dog succeed in having a healthy relationship. We want both you and your dog to reach your full potential and fix any issues you may be having.

Day of your training session:

The day of your session you will receive a reminder text from your trainer along with a text when they are on their way! We like to start our session off inside, where we can get to know you and your dog. Once we know what needs to be worked on, we can get to the fun stuff... training!

What do you need to have for your daily training?

Every household is different, just like every dog is different. But whether you have a brand new puppy, or a dog who has developed problem behaviors, theres a few things that every dog can benefit greatly from.

  • A place cot/Dog bed. You will want to get a good sized cot so that we can begin teaching the "Place" command. We teach our dogs to stay on 'place' for an extended period of time. We use and recommend an "elevated dog cot" style. They are around $20 on amazon and they have great benefits when it comes to training.
  • A slip lead leash. No leash? No worries we've got you covered! When you book a daily training session with us we will arrive to your home with one of our Everyday Trainer slip leads. We will teach you all about leash pressure with the slip lead through out you dogs training sessions so theres no need to go to google for this one.
  • A size appropriate crate. For those who already have a dog crate in their house, great! If not, thats okay too! If you have a puppy, an adolescent dog, or an adult dog struggling with a behavioral issue such as reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding or any other problem behaviors the crate is a tool that will be highly beneficial in their progress.
  • A notepad. You will absolutely want to take notes during your sessions. Remember, each dog is totally different so each training session might look different for each dog. We personalize each training session based on you and your dogs needs.

Two very important notes! Make sure you don't over exert your dog before any of our training sessions, and do not feed your dog directly before our training sessions. Remember, in order to have a successful session we want some energy and we definitely want that food motivation!

We want to thank you very much for trusting our team with your dogs. We know how much they mean to you, its our pleasure to help you and your dog achieve a balanced life style!

Happy Training!