Episode 12: All About Ecollars

In this episode, Meg talks about everything you need to know when it comes to Ecollar training. These tools can be a great addition to your dog training toolbelt but do require a little know-how. Meg walks you through how to safely get started using these tools on your own to bring out the best in your dog.

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Episode 11: Habits: Are They Helping or Hurting our Dogs?

In this episode, I walk through all those little habits throughout the day that make or break a dog. I talk about the habits I see most owners doing wrong, how to implement your own healthy habits, and answer your questions on why some habits might be less than beneficial.

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Episode 10: So Your Dog Has "Separation Anxiety"...

Does your dog cry when you leave? Need constant affection? Follow you around the house all day? Destroy things when you're gone? You may have a case of Separation Anxiety... In this episode, I chat about all things separation anxiety and what we can do to limit it. You'll learn why crate training is important, how to get started with a crate schedule, how to chill out to teach your dog to chill out, and more.

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Episode 9: 10 Puppy Truths

Puppies are my favorite topic to talk about so here it is! My 10 puppy truths. In the episode, I walk you through the 10 things you need to know about raising a puppy. There is so much training that can be done in the early stages of the dog's life to prevent unwanted behaviors later on and here, I teach you what things you can do to create a calm + confident adult dog.

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Episode 8: New to the Game | ft. Clayton Matthews

In this week's episode, I chat with Clayton Matthews, a dog trainer out of Austin, Texas. Clayton has worked with dogs starting in his early childhood with his dad's hunting dogs and later with his own dog, who became quite the problem child. From that point forward, he was bit by the dog trainer bug and gained training experience from shadowing trainers, absorbing as much as he could through books, videos, and attending conferences. Both Clayton and I are relatively new trainers so we get to talk about how we approach training, the problems we see in the current industry, and how we plan to change the game.

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Episode 7: Dont be a Fool, Use Your Tool

If you've been curious about learning about integrating e-collars or prong collars into your training but don't know much about them, this episode is for you. In this episode, I talk about all things tools. I walk you through the 4 main tools that I use in my dog training, why I use them, and discuss what it means for a big box pet store to no longer be selling them.

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Episode 6: Changing the Culture

In this episode, I break down the #1 habit that most dog owners do and how it's leading to an overwhelming amount of anxious, insecure dogs in our society. You'll get my views on the current culture around dog ownership, how it's lead us here, and why we need to change it. 

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