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Life as a
dog trainer

I’m an Orlando-based dog trainer. My company is on a mission to create calm and confident dogs through a balanced approach.

Welcome to a world of dog wellness.

Welcome to a world of dog wellness. Welcome to a world of dog wellness. Welcome to a world of dog wellness. Welcome to a world of dog wellness.
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So, how did I get here?

Where it all began


I got my first dog, Zoey, and received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Central Florida. During my time at UCF, I worked with all different types of animals in zoos, wildlife rehab facilities, and in a marine biology lab.

From there, I went on to study for my Master's of Biology at The University of Kentucky.

This was fun!


I got my second dog, Lucy, who taught me how to work through behavioral issues and gave me the skills to help others going through the same struggles with their dogs.

When it got real


In 2018 The Everyday Trainer Orlando was born.

I turned my education and lessons into a successful dog training business where we continue to help dogs and owners live better, happier lives together.

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What we do

We are all about the state of mind

Dog training is only effective if you want it to be. That’s why I incorporate years of knowledge, practice and studying dog behavior into our programs, so that I can give dog owners what they seek.

Our team

Meet our team

When you love what you do, work is just fun

Meghan Dougherty

Founder and Trainer

Meghan is currently the owner and Head Trainer of The Everyday Trainer. In 2017 she received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Central Florida and went on to study for her Masters of Biology at the University of Kentucky. Meg started working with animals in 2013 at local zoos, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, and coastal marine labs throughout college. In 2018, after struggling with her own dog, Meghan founded The Everyday Trainer as a way to help other struggling dog owners. Since its start, Meg has trained hundreds of dogs and owners to live a more peaceful coexistence. Meg Believes in bettering ourselves to better our dogs, and continues to educate and empower dog owners throughout the world on how to do just that. 

Success Stories

What our clients say about us

We have worked with Meg for just over a year now. She has helped raise our Australian Shepherd puppy from 8 weeks to present day. 
Her training has left us with a dog that is well behaved on walks and easy to manage around people, dogs, even crowds. 
Our Australian Shepherd has endless energy and because of Meg’s help, we can effortlessly take him on road trips and comfortably stay in hotels. She has trained our pup and us on how to manage behavior and situations with ease. 
Day to day, Meg helps ensure that our Aussie continues to refine his behavior while getting out of the house for hours, this while we are at work. It makes coming home more relaxing for everyone. And in the long run, she has shown us how much freedom comes with a well trained dog, who gets to spend more time doing more activities with us.

I internally thank Meghan every day when I take Jack for a walk.It had been a while since I had trained a puppy and Meghan came to my assistance when Jack was 4-months old.Meghan has such a lovely, kind, and calm demeanour. She is a natural with dogs and you can see instantly how positively they react to her.Meghan trained me to be a better owner/teacher for Jack.I can’t tell you how proud I am! Jack is now 9-months old and walks beautifully to heel off leash.He listens to me and responds easily, all thanks to Meghan’s training and wisdom.After all, it is really we humans who the need the training rather than the dogs!Thank you, Meghan! You are an absolute blessing. Anyone would be lucky to have you guide them and their pet.

Meg was was literally a life saver! I ended up fostering a dog that was extremely reactive and I could not control. Hoping to get him adopted, I called Meg to see if she could help! She taught us how to handle the dog and help him become more adoptable! I’m happy to say the dog finally did get adopted, and is living an awesome life with his new family. Also, everything I learned during her training, I use for my new fosters that come through! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for help with their dog!

So, I don’t have a dog and live in LA. Originally I started watching her videos for the dog content (because of course). Then I started watching her videos like it was my morning newspaper. Some good friends of mine adopted a rescue pit bull mix who was a year old at the time. They were having trouble getting her to calm down, not choke herself trying to get out the crate, not drag her moms during their walks - the works. I started playing even closer attention to Meghan’s videos. I started watching my friends’ dog more often and started working on various things with her (i.e., walking at heel, practicing a calm mind) and started noticing a little bit of a difference. I told my friends about Meghan’s Instagram account and they started following examples they’ve seen in her videos. Their doggo has made massive improvements!! She still has some work to do, but she isn’t the same dog at all. My point in saying all of this is that even though she’s not working directly with my friends’ dog, she is still having an impact from thousands of miles away. Regardless of whether you have a dog or don’t, and whether you live in Orlando or not, Meghan’s lessons will make a difference with your dog!

Meghan is the best thing to happen to us and our dogs. She is worth every penny. We have two lovable rescues with problematic behaviors—dominance (which leads to fights, pulling on walks, and overall disobedience), and terrible anxiety. We had a different dog trainer in the past who used fear tactics in an effort to correct these behaviors, but it unfortunately made them worse. She comes to our home Monday-Friday and works with them on breaking these bad behaviors, and she also explains the WHY behind everything so that we as owners can break our bad behaviors too. We’re about 3 weeks in and my dogs are walking perfectly at heel, listening to me, and not charging the door. They are so excited to see her every morning that they are sitting at the door waiting for her to get here. I am so grateful.

Meghan changed my life in ways that I never thought a dog trainer could. When we first met, I had no idea how to manage my Aussie rescue. I had so much trouble setting boundaries with her, holding myself accountable to training, and providing structure for my dog. When I started working with Meghan, it was like a breath of fresh air. She taught me how to be the leader that Jade needed me to be. Before all of this, I had no idea how much my state of mind was affecting Jade’s behavior. While “training” never really ends, I no longer feel like I’m drowning. I’ve been able to form a routine with my dog that works for us and in the process learned how to improve my own mental health. For that, I am forever indebted to Meg and her teachings.