Everyone’s favorite topic…

As a trainer, a majority of the dogs we get in are reactive.

They bark, lunge, and growl at other dogs and people on the walk. However, Reactivity is just a symptom of an over-aroused, unbalanced state of mind.

Most pet dogs struggle with reactivity because there is very little structure or routine in their day to day. Their lives consist of endless amounts of freedom which to us, might seem great but to our dogs, it’s just an endless barrage of decision making and unpredictability.

Creating structure on the walk and in the home takes the responsibility of making all the decisions off our dogs so they can just relax and you know, be a dog. When we create structure and advocate for our dogs, we teach our dogs it’s not their job to worry about all these decisions (who to bark at, when to stop, who to greet) and to instead, look to us for what to do.

Over time, with our initial guidance, our dogs will learn to make better decisions on their own.