Episode 7: Dont be a Fool, Use Your Tool

Episode 7: Don’t Be a Fool, Use Your Tool

Using your tools while training your dog can help to make your sessions more effective and less frustrating. In episode 7 of The Everyday Trainer Podcast, Meg goes into the 4 tools she uses while training and how they are beneficial for her. The first 3 tools are different types of collars. She first discusses the E collar, which is a collar that uses a tapping sensation to help you communicate with your dog. The mini educator e collar has levels 1-100 which allows you to use the smallest amount of sensation to get your dogs attention. Meg goes into depth about the E collar in episode 12 if you are interested in hearing more. The next collar Meg uses is a prong collar. Prong collars are a silver metal type collar that uses individual prongs. Although these do get a lot of negative attention, prong collars use minimal pressure which is distributed evenly around the dog's neck instead of it all being in the front of the dog's neck. The last collar she goes over is the slip lead. Slip leads are great for dogs to wear around the house and to use for directional guidance. Finally, tool 4 that Meg uses while training is the create. Using a create is a great way to implement some structure for the dog as well as giving them a place that is their own. Using these tools while training your dog can be very helpful for communication and giving proper direction.