Episode 4: Energy + Spituality + Dogs | ft. Juliana Botero

Episode 4: Energy + Spirituality + Dogs | ft. Juliana Botero

In this episode we meet Juliana, one of Meg’s dog trainers. She describes her multiple dogs and her drive to rescue as many as she could. When doing so, Juliana found herself struggling with each dog in a different way, which encouraged her to get into dog training. They then dive into Juliana’s spiritual journey from how it started as a way to connect with her dad, to how she uses her knowledge in spirituality today to help aid with her dog training. Juliana practices mindful dog training by taking the time to understand her dogs, and tune into how they are feeling. If you feel anxious and fearful about a certain situation, it is easy to project those feelings onto your dog. Meg and Juliana emphasize the importance of looking at yourself and learning how you display anxious behavior, in order to better understand your dog. Throughout the podcast we get a good idea of why Juliana believes that your dog truly is a reflection of you.