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Preventing problem behaviors before they happen and creating calm, confident companions.

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Puppy training starts the day you bring your pup home.

Don't miss out on valuable training time and limit your pup's potential.

Who are we?

We're a team of bad-ass women trainers dedicated to empowering you and your pup to live a calm + confident life together.

Most puppy owners struggle because they don't have the knowledge to implement training right away and miss out on valuable stages of development.

When this happens, our puppies development bad habits that carry over into adulthood.

What do we do?

Our training is different than most.

We know puppy training isn't just about the puppy. That's why when you work with us, you work with a team of trainers dedicated to educating you just as much as we do your pup.

Both our Board and Train Program and Daily Training Program are perfect for growing pups- whether you want training in your own home or to send your pup to us, just know we'll love your puppy as one of our own and provide you with the knowledge and skills to continue this training long after your pup is done working with us.

This is about empowering you and your pup to live a calm + confident life together.

We focus on building confidence in our puppy training programs because confident puppies lead to confident adults- and confident adult dogs don't development problem behaviors.

We use food rewards, marker words, obedience training, and leash training to teach the puppy a language that will be used throughout their life. When we have a clear language, we have a way to communicate expectations.

Many owners struggle because they don't have a clear way to communicate and it oftentimes leads to confused and anxious dogs.

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Redefining puppy training

Are you ready for the transformation?

puppy training services in Orlando

Virtual Training Session

Whether you’re local or live halfway around the world, virtual sessions are perfect for owners willing to put in the work with their dogs but just need a bit of professional guidance. During this 1 hour virtual call, we’ll guide you through the steps to take to transform your dog at home. These sessions are perfect for first time dog owners, puppy owners, and owners struggling with behavioral issues like pulling on leash, reactivity, fearfulness, and so much more.

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puppy training services in Orlando

Daily Training

Daily training is our monthly in-home training option where one of our trainers comes to your house Monday through Friday for 4 weeks for an hour each day. We love this style of training because we get to work with your dog in the place they spend most of their time- in and around your home. This training includes daily structured walks, obedience sessions, and weekly field trips with your personal dog trainer. While we don't require it, you can be there for all sessions to learn the skills alongside your dog.

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puppy training services in Orlando

Two Week Puppy Board and Train

Our 2 week Puppy Board and Train program is designed for puppies between 3 and 6 months. This program focuses on crate training, potty training, basic obedience, and state-of-mind work. Our Board and Train program takes place in the trainers home and is designed to prepare your pup to live calmly and confidently back at home and set them up to be well-behaved adult dogs. All of our Board and Train programs include a leash, Go-Home session, and follow up session.

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puppy training services in Orlando

Three Week Board and Train

Our 3 week Board and Train program is designed for puppy to adult dogs with mild to severe behavioral issues. This 3 week program addresses the dog’s state of mind - which is often the root cause of many behavioral issues we see. Our Board and Train program takes place in the trainers home and is designed to work through problems including pulling on leash, not coming when called, reactivity, destructive behavior, potty training, socialization and more.

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Success stories
What our customers say about us

Building relationships that last.

So, I don’t have a dog and live in LA. Originally I started watching her videos for the dog content (because of course). Then I started watching her videos like it was my morning newspaper. Some good friends of mine adopted a rescue pit bull mix who was a year old at the time. They were having trouble getting her to calm down, not choke herself trying to get out the crate, not drag her moms during their walks - the works. I started paying even closer attention to Meghan’s videos. I started watching my friends’ dog more often and started working on various things with her (i.e., walking at heel, practicing a calm mind) and started noticing a little bit of a difference. I told my friends about Meghan’s Instagram account and they started following examples they’ve seen in her videos. Their doggo has made massive improvements!! She still has some work to do, but she isn’t the same dog at all. My point in saying all of this is that even though she’s not working directly with my friends’ dog, she is still having an impact from thousands of miles away. Regardless of whether you have a dog or don’t, and whether you live in Orlando or not, Meghan’s lessons will make a difference with your dog!

Jannah B

Meghan changed my life in ways that I never thought a dog trainer could. When we first met, I had no idea how to manage my Aussie rescue. I had so much trouble setting boundaries with her, holding myself accountable to training, and providing structure for my dog. When I started working with Meghan, it was like a breath of fresh air. She taught me how to be the leader that Jade needed me to be. Before all of this, I had no idea how much my state of mind was affecting Jade’s behavior. While “training” never really ends, I no longer feel like I’m drowning. I’ve been able to form a routine with my dog that works for us and in the process learned how to improve my own mental health. For that, I am forever indebted to Meg and her teachings.

Christina A

Meghan is the best thing to happen to us and our dogs. She is worth every penny. We have two lovable rescues with problematic behaviors—dominance (which leads to fights, pulling on walks, and overall disobedience), and terrible anxiety. We had a different dog trainer in the past who used fear tactics in an effort to correct these behaviors, but it unfortunately made them worse. She comes to our home Monday-Friday and works with them on breaking these bad behaviors, and she also explains the WHY behind everything so that we as owners can break our bad behaviors too. We’re about 3 weeks in and my dogs are walking perfectly at heel, listening to me, and not charging the door. They are so excited to see her every morning that they are sitting at the door waiting for her to get here. I am so grateful.

Katie V

Meghan is AMAZING! She came to our house to help us with training our puppy and we are blown away with what a difference it's already made. She is so knowledgeable about dogs and how their brains work, she is great at breaking down her techniques in a way that someone can quickly learn, and she was so caring and sweet with our dog while still holding him to high expectations during training. I would 100% recommend her!

Kyra N