Episode 3: Where I Went Wrong | Lucy Editon

Episode 3: Where I Went Wrong | Lucy Addition

When Meg was training her second pup, Lucy, she found herself frustrated, tired, and making common mistakes while trying to correct her dog’s behavior. She had recently moved to Kentucky for grad school and was working a job just a few months after getting Lucy. This left Meg with little time to properly train her, which resulted in Lucy being misbehaved and frequently running away. In episode 4 of the Everyday Trainer Podcast, Meg reflects on what she would do differently while training Lucy, and highlights the importance of a few key things. First, never underestimate a crate. Putting your dog in a crate while not actively with them is a good way to make sure they aren’t doing anything to harm themselves, but also gives a dog a safe space to hang out and relax. Teaching a dog how to sit still and have an off switch is super important for the health of your dog and you. Next, teach your dog to pause before walking through the door. In doing so, your dog learns to look towards you for instruction and also prevents them from running outside where you won’t have control. Lastly, be aware of what you’re feeling, and how your dog is picking up on it. Dogs are very intuitive and can sometimes mimic our behaviors, so be sure to check in with yourself if you find your dog is constantly misbehaving.